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Strategic Development

All development should be directly or indirectly based on strategy. This entails that the vision behind the strategy should be clear, so that the development can support the vision.

If the vision and the strategy are not coherent, the operational developments cannot be measured, and the general development is not managed. The result will be that many of the good intentions of the strategy work will never be implemented, and that the effect of the developments implemented will not be visible.

International investigations show that only 30 % of the confirmed strategies are carried out with the desired effect.

This can be changed. Through a structured process, which uncovers the aspects that function and those that need to be improved, and at the same time adjusts the business processes of strategic development, the future development can be managed in a more directional manner and hence with more visible results.

Strategic Competences

We master the strategic skills and because we employ a combination of business acumen and an ability to think strategically, our counselling will especially focus on:

Innovative thinking.

Orchestration, intensive and creative methods, a direct and challenging approach, provision of new knowledge, as well as analyses.


Conscious involvement, creation of framework and energy, commitment with regard to potentials and operationaliszation, measuring and follow-up, as well as implementation plans.


The tasks are by nature rather different and likewise the effects of our efforts vary. We distinguish between various types of results:

  • Common aim and goal for the development in the form of a clarified mission, vision, founding values, and strategic goals.

  • Operational developments for example in the form of market growth, innovation, and buying, which results in an increased cost-effectiveness and in an expansion of the company’s ability to promote and manage growth.

  • Efficiency improvement though more fundamental reorganizations of company structures.

  • Development and implementation of underlying strategies such as:

  • Sales strategy

  • Marketing and branding strategy

  • HR strategy

  • IT strategy

  • Knowledge Management strategy

  • Readiness in relation to a world of change. This typically concerns a clarification of scenarios related to the development of the external environment.  


Strategic Development



Strategic Development































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