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Management Development, Talent Management and Employee Satisfaction

For many managers change is a part of the day-to-day engagement and the ability to rearrange, define new goals, and motivate is decisive when it comes to achieving successful development. This constitutes a considerable demand on the people who have chosen to become managers.


We apply our competences in management development to assist in achieving success, thereby creating benefits for managers and for their company. The management development task typically consists in inspiring a management group or individual managers to clarify how they should act in the roles as managers.

Some of the tasks we take on concern the creation of holistic management, where the point of departure for example might be value based management and business excellence. Other tasks concern career paths or the interaction between management groups, for example managers and project managers. A third category is focused on designing developmental processes for talents – for example in form of mentoring, training or supervision in relation to new challenges.

The ideal management and talent development situation is when everyone in question is actively involved. In this way the effect and the shared framework are covered by the entire organization.

However, this is not always possible. Projects involving specific groups or individuals could be the best solution at a given point in time. The top management’s support and realisation of the fact that the leaders and talents from time to time should do something different from what they usually do is important.





     As possible tool with regard to dialogue

     and development we measure


  • Management evaluation

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Customer satisfaction

     The results of these measurements

     provide inspiration for priority areas in

     relation to management development,

     talent management, employee

     satisfaction, service quality,

     and general improvements.










As far as possible the management and talent development should be integrated with the daily work. In this way the learning and inspiration may be transformed to concrete action relatively quickly. We attempt to juxtapose the management and talent development with the strategic and organizational goals.

Evaluation and debates about how the management and talents should perform in precisely this organization is a guiding principle with regard to how the development is implemented. Furthermore we employ concrete tasks from the management and talents real life work through the inclusion of cases and dilemmas.








Management Development & Employee Satisfaction

Management Development & Employee Satisfacion































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