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Knowledge Management in Practice

The term Knowledge Management is often used in relation to the sharing of information and about IT-systems, which can support the sharing of documents. Such a disadvantageous application would be one that partly removes the focus from one of the most important raw materials we have – human knowledge - and partly results in systems that often have no effect on the knowledge sharing.

Knowledge is primarily located in the individual and knowledge sharing occurs through the human interaction. It can happen through physical contact or via systems, which support and facilitate the knowledge application.

A fundamental understanding of what knowledge is and how it can be applied, juxtaposed with what an organisation wishes to achieve through a focus on knowledge sharing are decisive elements when it comes to getting knowledge management to function in practice. 

A clarification seminar combined with an analysis that identifies needs can therefore often be relevant elements, which should be implemented when a strategy of knowledge management is created.

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Our competences have been constructed over the course of the last ten years partly through the development of method and testing and partly through juxtaposing own experience with Danish as well as international experience. In the process we have acquired a healthy scepticism vis-à-vis quick solutions, but also a realisation that continual knowledge sharing is a decisive element when it comes to efficiency and competitive ability.

Our counselling takes its point of departure in reality and in the actual situation and works in a goal-oriented way, creating overview and structure in a complex field like knowledge management.

It is a pleasure for us to assist with projects, which are also designed to strengthen the sharing of information and the handling of documents, but we are quite clear on whether or not we consider certain processes to be actual knowledge sharing.


The results of knowledge management activities can be difficult to gage, but like working with quality, you know when the quality is not acceptable. Working with knowledge management can be an overwhelming and comprehensive task. For this reason the small steps method is often an advantageous way to make the results visible. The results could for example be new ways of doing things, new networks between people, or a greater focus on increasing the employees’ competences.





Knowledge Management in Practice

Knowledge Management in Practice

































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