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Identity & BrandingIdentity & BrandingKnowledge Management in PracticeManagement Development & Employee SatisfactionManagement Development & Employee SatisfacionKnowledge Management in PracticeGundelach Consult has the competences to solve a large variety of management and IT related tasks, as well as tasks located in the interface between the two. Determining and specifying the tasks are done in close co-operation with the customer and we apply the principle of situation-specific consulting. This means that we do not deliver standard solutions, nor do we have completed concepts on our shelves. On the contrary we draw on concepts, methods, tools, and experience in accordance with the customerís needs.

Our focus areas are:

  • Identity and branding

  • Strategic development

  • Change management and organizational development

  • Management development, talent management and employee satisfaction

  • Knowledge Management in practical

  • IT purchase and support of business processes

  • Project management


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