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Identity and Branding

Identity, self-conception, visibility and cohesion between what one says and what one does have become very important in a day and age, where the challenges involved in recruiting and retaining good employees are complex. In addition, it is an intricate task to make yourself heard in a marketplace characterized by an excess of communication.

Internal identity – the creation of a shared understanding of ”who we are”, ”what we represent”, and ”how we do our work”.

External identity / branding – establishing design and visual representation, cohesion in the communicative messages, and a clear profile in the market place.

By combining analysis with a creative process, it is possible to clarify the basis of the internal and external identity. Then the tools, which must be applied to implement the new identity, can be developed.


Our counselling in these areas is based on practical experience in project identification, initiation, completion, and organizational framework. This is combined with a close co-operation with suppliers such as advertising agencies, designers, film producers, etc. For this reason the counselling is especially focused on:

Clarity in the messages

Our point of departure is reality and not wishful thinking. We look for the core and the recognition; we seek the simple as opposed to the complex.


Ownership with regard to the results
Committed involvement, on-going testing and adjustment, follow-up and local implementation.


The tasks involve both the brief clarification of and elaboration on the existing identity, as well as name change and / or new identity resulting from buying or fusion. The results of our efforts will consequently depend on the individual tasks. The types of results could be:

  • Branding strategy

  • Identification of the core identity (Brand essence)

  • Communication strategy

  • Dissemination of messages to the employees

  • E-learning program for the employees

  • Toolbox with guidelines, profile advertisements, image style, examples of communication, etc.

  • Visual design

  • Company presentation (for example video and/or slide presentation)





Identity & Branding



























Identity & Branding

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